First Parish in Framingham holds an election each spring for Board Members and Parish officials.

Board of Assessors: Jan Miller, (Chair), Anne Boas, Russell Greve, Denise Moorehead, Donna Nelson, Julie Porter, Richard Rader, Greg Rotatori, Leslie Simpson and Jen Walton. The Board of Assessors meets monthly and has the responsibility of fiscal governance, determining current vision for the community, and hiring and firing staff.

Auditor: John Wiswall
Collector: Karen Hirshman
Clerk: Jennifer Saffran
Historian: Janet Nichols
Registrar: Carol Greve
Treasurer: Patrick Sileo
Trustees: Debra Doucette, Jennifer Long and Richard Paul

The Nominating Committee is also elected. The current committee members are Jan Bolton, Valerie Packard, Bill Schreiber, Heather Sileo, Amy Sommer and Greg Wells. The Nominating Committee solicits volunteers for the Board and other official positions each year and creates a ballot for the Annual Meeting.