Canvass 2024 Launched!

The theme of our Canvass this year is “Harvest the Power: Serice, Community, Financial Support.”
We harvest the power of seeds that were planted by those who came before us and provided stewardship to sustain this congregation year over year, decade over decade, century over century. Now it’s our turn. Let’s till the soil together to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for First Parish!
Please consider the many gifts you have received from First Parish as you give back this year.
We are targeting a 10% increase in pledging support overall and invite you to consider an increase of 10% or more. This will ensure that First Parish can continue to provide the worship and community experiences you love, provide our minister and staff with equitable compensation and remain good stewards of our beautiful Meetinghouse and Parish House. If 10% is out of reach, know that First Parish i deeply grateful for all gifts, no matter the size.

Online Pledge Option.  If it is more convenient, there is an online pledge form.  Please send your pledge in the next couple of weeks so we can plan next year’s budget.