There are many reasons to become a member First Parish in Framingham. The decision to join is an individual process of discernment. Since we are not a creedal religion, there is no requirement that you subscribe to a particular set of religious beliefs. To say yes to a community is powerful on a personal level. If you have found yourself coming back again and again, and feel that Unitarian Universalism is the right tradition for you or your family, we encourage you to become a member. We rely on members to support First Parish through attendance in services, volunteering and financial support. Becoming a member also strengthens our faith denomination’s presence in this country.

Steps to Becoming a Member

To become a member, you simply need to sign the membership book. You can make an appointment with the minister, to get acquainted and ask questions (508-872-3111×205). The Church Administrator & Membership Coordinator, Sara Morrison Neil, is happy to discuss any questions about membership, or set up a time to sign the membership book. You can contact her by email ( or phone (508-872-3111×201)..

It is helpful if you fill out a brief membership form after you sign the membership book. This form will ask for your contact preferences, interests in fellowship groups, affinity groups or volunteering opportunities. The Church Administrator & Membership Coordinator can provide you this form.

We hold a New Member Recognition Ceremony during a Sunday Worship Service. All new members are invited (but not required) to the front for a group reading and to receive their membership certificate.

Membership Benefits

In addition to being part of community where you have the opportunity to connect, deepen and serve, members can vote in congregational meetings about important issues, and hold elected offices. Members also have access to the minister for a wedding or memorial service. Members also receive at 20% discount on room rentals, and can hold a wedding or memorial service in the the Meeting House with no rental fee,

Membership Expectations

We expect members to attend services when they can, to volunteer as their time allows and heart directs, and to provide financial support. A guideline for pledging your support is 2% of your net income. The average annual pledge that we need is $1,500 per person. We anticipate that some can give less and some can give more that that average. We also understand that people are in different life stages, some may have more time to volunteer than money to pledge, or vice versa.

To maintain your membership in good standing, active participation in services (or congregation activities) or a donation of record of at least $100 is required each year.