chalice encircled by handsThe team of volunteers who help parishioners with difficulties is called Caritas. This committee helps people who are hospitalized, ill or grieving a loved one. The committee meets monthly with the senior minister.  Members of the committee take turns being coordinator of care for a month. With the help of other volunteers, the committee is able to send cards, make visits, drive people to appointments, and cook meals for other parishioners. They also provide referrals to service outside First Parish. The monthly coordinator is listed in the announcements in the Order of Service and in the monthly newsletters. The Caritas Coordinators pass on announcements that parishioners would like share, such as a request for cards or visits while in recovery.

The Caritas Committee has curated a list of resources for seniors and for caretakers of seniors,  like planning retirement, moving, and Medicare information. Click on this link for the Resource List for Seniors and Caregivers