About Giving

We support our mission and parish in four ways. We support it with our presence. We support it with our work. We support it with our spirits by bringing loving hearts and open minds to the community. And, we support it with our money; financial stewardship.

Annual Giving

Every year we ask members and friends to make an annual pledge to the parish. We build our budget based on the pledges. We pay our minister and staff, heat the buildings, fund programs, hire babysitters for the nursery, buy supplies for religious exploration, pay the water bill and keep the lights on. All the things that you can imagine it takes to have staff, buildings, a community.

Click here to download the form to set up ePledge Authorization, automatic withdrawals from your bank account. You can set it up to be transferred monthly or semi-monthly. It is something that will need to be renewed each year, usually by June, since our new fiscal year starts July 1.

Want to donate stock to First Parish in Framingham? Click on the following link for instructions about how to transfer stock to First Parish as a donation.Stock Transfer Instructions

Fundraising Events

Each fall we hold a community fair on the Town Common, Pies on the Common, and each spring we hold a Talent and Treasure Auction. These major fundraisers, are important additions to our annual budget income. In addition, we hold special fundraisers, such as SOUPer Sunday, or special calendars.

500 pies for sale!
round table set for dinner
Auction Dinner. Join us!

Support First Parish by Shopping!

A percentage of your purchase will be donated to First Parish at no extra cost to you when you shop on Amazon.com with our Amazon associate link. Start shopping here.

Planned Giving

With legacy planning, your appreciation of and contribution to First Parish can go on and on. The First Parish Endowment Fund is managed by First Parish Trustees. You don’t have to be a millionaire to leave a legacy gift. Bequests of all sizes work together to provide benefit to us all. Click on this link to find out how you can notify the Trustees of your gift: Planning a Gift for the Endowment Fund

Capital CampaignRed, engraved bricks, formed in a circle

From time to time, we run a special campaign to fund the restoration and renovation of our historic buildings. Past capital campaigns have restored the steeple of the Meetinghouse, created a beautiful courtyard, added a new parking lot, restored the exterior of the Meetinghouse, replaced 55 year-old furnaces, updated our Meetinghouse sound system and brought central air conditioning to Scott Hall. Our last Capital Campaign included engraved bricks for those who donated $1,000. These bricks are now installed in the Greeley Courtyard.


Please contact us about Stewardship and Giving.