Call for Submissions!

First Parish Book Project

Together: An anthology of writings and artwork about loneliness, solitude, and community (working title)

We invite the community to contribute to a book providing a beacon of hope while supporting First Parish in Framingham projects toOpen book on grass with leaf as bookmarker help end the epidemic of loneliness. The book will be published in Autumn 2024. Books may be preordered and picked up at First Parish or purchased online.

Creators whose work(s) are selected will be invited to contribute a fee of $35 to help defray publishing, advertising, and launch event expenses. Each contributor will receive a copy of the book once printed. Damianos Publishing in Framingham will publish the book.

Submit your writing about the sorrows of loneliness, the power of solitude, and the joys of community. Acceptable categories include fiction, non-fiction, memoir, short story), poetry, and song lyrics. We are also soliciting artwork for the book on the same theme. Artwork categories include photography, illustrations, drawings, cartoons, and images of three-dimensional works. Note that artwork will appear in color on the cover or in black and white on the interior of the 6×9” paperback book. More information