Call for Submissions –  First Parish Book Project 

“Together: An anthology of writings and artwork about loneliness, solitude, and community” 
(working title)
We invite the community to contribute to a book providing a beacon of hope while supporting First Parish in Framingham projects to help end the epidemic of loneliness. The book will be published in Autumn 2024. Books may be preordered and picked up at First Parish or purchased any time online.


Creators whose work(s) are selected will be invited to contribute a fee of $35 to help defray publishing, advertising and launch event expenses. Each contributor will receive a copy of the book once printed. Damianos Publishing in Framingham will publish the book.
Submit your writing about the sorrows of loneliness, the power of solitude, and the joys of community. Acceptable categories include fiction, non-fiction, memoir, short story), poetry, and song lyrics. We are also soliciting artwork for the book on the same theme. Artwork categories include photography, illustrations, drawings, cartoons, and images of three-dimensional works. Artwork will appear in color on both the cover and the interior of the 6×9” paperback book.
Book Description
“Together: An anthology of writings and artwork about loneliness, solitude, and community” is an anthology of poetry, prose (fiction, non-fiction, memoirs), and artwork from writers and artists from MetroWest communities about the sorrows of loneliness, the power of solitude, and the joys of community.
In the spring of 2023, the US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy raised the alarm about the impacts of loneliness and isolation. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reminds us that disconnection fundamentally affects our mental, physical, and societal health.
As our nation and the First Parish in Framingham seeks to end the epidemic of loneliness, this book offers a unique, multi-perspective, and uplifting compilation addressing the topic of loneliness and community. All proceeds earned for book sales will be donated to the First Parish in Framingham as it seeks to offer programming to end the epidemic of loneliness.


Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2024, with a theme of loneliness, community, and/or hope. Up to three written works and three artwork images may be submitted per person.
All submissions will be juried by a panel of professionals to include a writer, editor, and image maker for possible inclusion in the book. Note that not all submissions may be chosen. All text will be reviewed/edited. To keep submissions anonymous, the submitter’s name will be limited to first and last initial when given to the jury.
  1. Up to 3 written submissions per person (each written work as its own document)
  2. Up to 3 artwork submissions per person
  3. Bio and Submission Sheet; please include:
  • Full name, mailing address, email, phone
  • Bio of up to 200 words
  • List of documents and/or images submitted
  • A statement that all submissions may be used for the First Parish Book Project and promotion of same via website, press release, social    media or other means. (Note that in all cases possible, attribution will be given to the creator).
  • Attribution for artwork, such as Sunset in Framingham © Jane Doe.
  • Copyright release statement or written permission from artwork creator showing that usage of artwork is permitted for book project and promotion of such.
  • If a submission has been previously published, please note this (where/when), and ensure you own the rights to the work so that it can be re-published.
  1. For each written work. Up to 1500 words. Name of work at top. No attribution to author (so jury will not be biased). If you have submitted artwork to go with your written work, please show Artwork Name under title of work.
  2. For artwork, please submit a color or black and white image sized to approximately 9” on the long side at 300 ppi in JPEG or PNG format. Note that the format of the book will be 6×9” vertical (portrait layout). If you are unable to scan or photograph your artwork, please create a photo of it with your phone and submit that. If your artwork is chosen, we can scan or photograph the original as long (easiest if it is a maximum size of 8.5 x 11”).
  1. Name your submissions this way:
  • Poem-3Initials-1 (or 2 or 3)
  • Prose-3Initials-1 (or 2 or 3)
  • Image-3Initials-1 (or 2 or 3)
Submit files with the subject: First Parish Book Submission – Your Last Name via email to (or via for file sizes over 20 MB – free account with your email address).
A celebratory book launch will be scheduled in November or December at First Parish in Framingham, 24 Vernon Street. Books purchased in advance will be available for $20.
To all the contributors: thank you so much for being part of this project!