Sunday, February 9

Sustainer Sunday

Keep it going, keep it growing!



How to we sustain First Parish in Framingham Unitarian Universalist?

Commit to and celebrate First Parish’s uplifting presence in MetroWest.  Our Canvass appeal is for Sustaining pledge commitments to ensure our church community stays healthy. We invite you to meet the challenge to increase your current pledge by at least 2% annually.

Why change to a Sustaining Model?
Sustaining moved us beyond maintaining the status quo. Our budget items don’t start over every year; costs and commitments continue every year.
Sustaining is support for a growing, changing, thriving community. It is living our UU values out loud, so they will outlive us, and thrive beyond our lifetimes.
Sustaining shows that our community can count on our year-to-year support.
Together we can Sustain our community of love and justice, our dedicated staff, each other and those who will call it home in the future.

What is the Sustaining Model?
We invite folks to become Sustaining Members or Friends of First Parish with an annually renewing pledge, increased by 2% over the current year, with a commitment to a similar percentage increase in coming years. Each Sustaining Member will be contact annually to confirm their commitment. Those who prefer not to opt in will be invited to pledge annually as is currently done.

What Will Happen?
Commitment Letters will be provided to folks as they enter the sanctuary on Sunday February 9. During our worship service, we will be recommitting ourselves to sustaining our church. (Folks not present that day will receive their letter in the mail later)
And then we will celebrate with a catered luncheon in Scott Hall!

As you can see from the chart,              
a 2% increase is about as much as one cup of coffee per month.





Click here to download a 2020-21 Pledge Card. You can fill it out, including how you plan to meet your pledge, sign it and mail to:

First Parish in Framingham UU
24 Vernon Street
Framingham, MA 01701