Halloween Party

This event, near the end of October, kicks off with a potluck dinner and includes crafts, dancing, family photo opportunities, and other fun activities set up by the Religious Exploration Council. The Senior Youth Group (YRUU) create a Haunted House and tours start after dinner. The first tours are tailored for the very young.

Talent Show

Ukelele played by young girl on stage.
Harriet playing the ukelele

In February, when it is dark and gloomy outside, we gather one Saturday night for a potluck feast and a talent show featuring people of all ages and a wide variety of talents. It is a fun evening for all!

Three women singing on stage
Julie Porter, Laura Stone and Kathy Swift performing a song from “Menopause, the Musical.”









Worship Services

Sheep and shephards

Several times a year, we have multigenerational worship services, with a variety of themes, such as the earth or family. Each year we hold a service before Christmas Eve, organized by the Religious Exploration Council, that features a pageant about Hannuakah, Christmas or Solstice. In addition, the early Christmas Eve Service is geared to families with young children, and everyone is welcome.

congregants seated in pews and wearing red noses
A multigenerational service
Earth Service
Celebrating the earth in worship









Teaching Religious Exploration

Teenagers and adults are welcome to volunteer to teach or advise in the Religious Exploration programs or youth groups. This is a great opportunity for people of different ages to connect and learn together.