Below, we offer resources specifically for older adults. Each heading title is a link to a resource page. Much is available to read online, and there are programs and workshops, some of which we have had in the past, and some are possibilities for future programming at First Parish, if there is interest.

Programming at First Parish is always announced in the newsletters, and can be found the News and Events section on the website.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Reflections on aging, resources on keeping healthy, and curriculum.

For Caregivers

A well-loved reading in the Unitarian Universalist hymnbook ends with the words, “All our lives we are in need, and others are in need of us.” As adults grow older, some of them need care to navigate the challenges of day-to-day living. While some have professional caregivers, many rely on family members and friends for needed help. Caregiving is a gift of love and compassion to another, but it is also a privilege, giving both the caregiver and the one who receives care a chance to explore unknown territory together. Caregiving requires practical skills as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual resources.

Making Medical Decisions

Information and guidance, perspectives on medicine, wellness and quality of life

Facing Loss and Grief

Readings and guidance for memorial services, reflections on grief and loss, end of life wishes conversations with family


What kind of legacy will we leave, both tangible and intangible? Will we be remembered for our music? art? sense of humor? love of life? care and compassion? What ethical commitments and values will we pass on? What plans do we have for our tangible assets, including financial resources? What role do our Unitarian Universalist values and faith play in how we shape a legacy?