Are you a caregiver or worried about the future of a loved one or your own as age reduces one’s abilities?  Here is some suggested information to help. You can also reach out to a Caritas member for assistance.(Check The Weekly Care Post for the current Caritas Coordinator)

The AARP article “Prepare to Care: A Families Guide for Planning” informs seniors and their families about plans they should have in place.

This website lists comprehensive resources in Metrowest including assisted living facilities, transportation, food, and much more.

Here is a webpage with tips on planning your move:

These websites list highly rated medical alert companies that provide devices to call for help if you are unable to reach or use a telephone.

Aging Services Access Points (ASAP) are Massachusetts organizations that help seniors based on the town or city they live in.  This site lists the ASAP for each town.


This site introduces what Medicare coverage is and how to apply.


This site is intended for caregivers and what they need to know about Medicare coverage for people over the age of 65 or younger adults with disabilities.

This site is intended for caregivers and what they need to know about signs of abuse or neglect in nursing homes.

This site provides information about senior benefits and discounts. It is part of the Retire Guide website that offers much information about planning for retirement.