children working on class project

The Religious Exploration program at First Parish seeks to provide a nurturing environment for children to develop their spiritual, ethical, and faithful selves.

Goals of the Children and Youth Programs

Provide a grounding in Unitarian Universalist identity
  • Learn and understand the Seven UU Values to guide daily life
  • Understand our UU heritage
  • Feel supported by and a part of a UU community of all ages
Contribute to spiritual development
  • Explore the “big questions” of life – how did the word begin, why am I here, what happens after we die, who or what is God?”
  • Encourage questioning in a supportive environment
  • Provide experiences that engender awe, wonder, and mindfulness
Contribute to ethical development
  • Develop a moral compass – a sense of what is right and wrong

    Youth speaking from pulpit
  • Recognize that they are moral agents, capable of making a difference in the lives of others and standing up for what they believe is “right”
Contribute to faith development
  • Present ways in which to carry their faith into the world
  • Provide age-appropriate social action opportunities to put our UU faith into action.

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