Multigenerational Service: Blessing of the Backpacks and the Laptops

As our schools re-open in most unusual ways, I want to take a moment to bless virtually the devices we use to connect with one another. In this sermon, I also want to explore the lessons we learn throughout our lives and find new ways to embrace third and fourth principles. Finally, I want to introduce or reintroduce the work of adrienne maree brown* and emergent strategies.
As part of our Multigenerational Worship service, we invite you to join us in creating your very own personalized version of the image attached. There will be time during the service to color/decorate/make it yours. Bring along your markers, colored pencils, or crayons to the service or decorate it in advance if you can’t wait till then! Print as many copies as you would like for your household, or none at all and watch it unfold.
*Please note, that amb’s name is always in lower case