Head, Hands and Heart

Our communities were ignited for racial justice 2 years ago. How do we keep the fires for justice burning?

The Reverend Mary Margaret Earl has served as Executive Director and Senior Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry for 7 years. In this ministry, she has worked to strengthen bonds between UUs and the Roxbury neighborhood where the UUUM operates. She has served on the Faith in Solidarity leadership team and the Roxbury Cultural Network. Prior to her arrival at the UU Urban Ministry, she spent 10 years at a faith-based nonprofit in RI serving the homeless community, She is past president of the Board of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, recipient of the Heroes of Faith Award from the Rhode Island State Council of Churches for her interfaith work, and received a Courage of Conscience award from the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts. She is a longtime vegan committed to standing up for nonhuman animals.