Holy Emergence

The Worship & Arts Council welcomes back Reverend Johanna Murphy to the pulpit.

In her book “Emergent Strategy”, adrienne maree brown writes about a strategy of change that focuses on understanding the complex systems and patterns of our world in order to best influence and change them. brown, on observing human patterns, notes: “When we are engaged in acts of love, we human are at our best and most resilient.” This observation bring up questions: How do we sustain ourselves and other to be more actively and consistently engaged in acts of love? How can we lean from the interconnection roots of trees and the toxin-transformation of mushrooms? This learning may begin with finding a holy emergence.

Freshly ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister in June, Jo currently works as a nanny, a volunteer for an immigration accompaniment network, and teaches a class on interviewing skills at a minimum security prison in Norfolk. In the Fall of 2020 she hopes to discover a new side of ministry and study as a doctoral student at Michigan State University in their Community Sustainability Program. She enjoys short runs that end in brunch and dreaming about owning a french bull dog.

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