Let Your Life Be a Prayer

There is so much in the world that needs and deserves our prayers, yet many of us are unfamiliar, uneasy, or even turned off by the word “prayer.” What might it mean to find our own ways to pray, to embrace reverence, to “offer up,” as opposed to “asking for”? Together, we’ll explore ways that prayer can deepen our spiritual lives, helping us feel more connected to spirit and to each other.
Rev. Lisa Perry-Wood was ordained into UU ministry in 2018 and has served UU congregations in Carlisle, Winchester, and Bedford, and most recently served as Senior Minister at First Parish in Brookline, 2018-2023. Currently, Lisa is working as a Hospice Chaplain with All Care Hospice and Home Care. She lives in Lexington with her wife, Zoe, and their Shih Tzu, Ali Baba, and enjoys yoga, swimming, long walks, and as much time as possible with her grandchildren.
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