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Family Worship 10-10:30 am

Community Worship Gathering 10:30 am and 3 pm

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Family Worship

Home. We sure are spending a lot of time at home. Together we’ll explore the many ways that we define home and think about how our homes are changing and holding us in new and different ways. To enhance your worship experience, please gather these materials if you wish:
– Copy of the Order of Service, March 29 (click on link to view or download)
– Candle, candle holder, lighter
– A photograph or drawing of your home
– Pencil and Paper


Community Gatherings – Music in Hard Times
Though we cannot be in the sanctuary celebrating Music Sunday together, this Sunday’s Community Gatherings are dedicated to the First Parish Choir and the Bell Choir.  With recorded music and spoken word, we’ll honor those who make music for the spirit and for times such as these.

To contribute to the Offering: please mail your check to First Parish or go to

Gather Materials:

You may want to gather some materials together before joining:  

– Candle and matches or lighter

– Candle Holder/plate

– A safe space to place the candle while in view of your screen
– A piece of paper and pen/pencil for Moment of Sharing
– A copy of the Order of Service, March 29 
(click on link to view or download)

– Find a comfortable space in your home away from distractions where everyone who is gathering in your household can see the screen. 

Online Courtesies:

– When you arrive in the space, your microphone will be set to mute. Please leave your microphone on mute so that we don’t all hear the ambient noise of the space you are in.

– If we have an interactive moment and you are invited to speak, please un-mute your microphone before speaking. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the bottom left corner of the Zoom window and clicking the microphone icon. When you are finished speaking, please mute your microphone again (you’ll know it’s muted when a red line appears over the icon of the microphone)

– There is a chat option along the bottom of your screen. If you need to communicate with the worship leader, you can use that to “Chat with Host” and type in your comments. We will do our best to address your needs. 

– Have patience with yourself and with the system if things go wrong. Some are familiar with these tools, others are just learning to use them.