Shared Ministry in a Time of Transition: Where is Your Entry Point?

Our UUA ministerial search coach, Lisa J. Anderson, will speak about shared ministry and invite us to reflect on how we individually will engage with our beloved community’s search.
Lisa Anderson is a Ministerial Transition Coach for the New England Region of our UUA. She has been a member of the Unitarian Society of New Haven (CT) since 1977. Near retirement, she is a Lawyer/Mediator by training, and a mother, daughter, sister, spouse, friend. She loves cycling, playing the steel pans, travel and the unexpected. Looking back as she moves forward into the next season of her life, she believes dealing with organizations and individuals in transition has consistently been a focus of her professional and volunteer work. She served on her church’s ministerial search committee in 2015 and is now on the Committee on Ministry. She has been involved in executive searches on several boards of directors for nonprofits. Facilitating meetings is a particular strength and interest. Recently she has been facilitating workshops on navigating difficult conversations. Those who know her would say she is warm and caring but could use help in reining in her endless “doing”. 

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