The Ordination of Mr. Barb Greve

On March 30, 2020, Mr. Barb Greve was officially welcomed into Preliminary Fellowship for our Unitarian Universalist ministry and wrote to Board President Jen Walton asking that First Parish in Framingham be his ordaining congregation. Barb wrote, “First Parish is where I first heard my call to ministry (back in kindergarten), is where that call has been nurtured and encouraged throughout my lifetime, and is my spirit’s home. I have been an official member of the congregation since 25 May 1986, and would be deeply honored to be ordained by our beloved congregation.” Barb’s request was presented to and approved by the Board!

Our 10:30 a.m. service on May 31 will include chalice lighting by Barb’s parents Russ and Carol, the act of ordination led by Jen Walton as Board president, words for the traditional hand of fellowship written by the Rev. Chuck Gaines (that Tracey will read on his behalf), and an ordination prayer. The benediction will be offered by the Rev. Barb Greve. When in person gatherings are possible again, there will be a full on ordination service and celebration.

An invitation to contribute to the prayer: The ordination prayer is intended to offer good wishes, blessings, hopes and encouragement for this part of Barb’s journey in ministry. You are invited to contribute a wish, blessing, a good thought to be included in the ordination prayer for Barb. Send yours to me at