Speaker: Elizabeth Murphy

Nature: An Unceasing Process of Becoming

In a seminary course on Nature and American Religion, students were prompted to reflect on our personal definitions of nature. Where do we draw the line on what is natural, and what is not? Our religious beliefs influence this definition, and engaging in reflection on this definition can be spiritually, mentally, and physically rewarding. Elizabeth Kavanaugh Murphy … Continue reading Nature: An Unceasing Process of Becoming

Water’s Power to Nourish Our Souls

As we recognize Earth Day, we consider how humans have seemingly always been enchanted by water, and how our brains, bodies, and souls benefit from this enchantment. Science, spirit, and story combine to help us contemplate the surprising ways our connections to water make us happier and healthier. View worship service recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MATXovSEvNo

Stories of Justice Seekers

Join us for a worship service centered on stories and poems about justice and those who have worked to create or expand it, whether in their own communities or throughout the world. Together we will contemplate the power of personal stories to change hearts and minds. This is a multigenerational service.