Speaker: Rev. Aaron Stockwell


With Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday on Thursday, we will explore what this means for us, as members of First Parish. What work continues on? What work must we take up?

Statements of Belief

We hope to share our eighth graders’ statements of belief. Rebecca and Rev. Aaron will explore some of the work that our eighth graders do in this program, and will share some of their own answers.

Your Next Normal

As the world inches towards opening up again, it feels like this is the time to reevaluate how we spend our days and how we act in the world. How might we discern this? What tools and stories can we draw on from our faith … read more.

Flowers That Bloom

Today we will observe the Unitarian tradition of the flower ceremony, created by Norbert Capek. Both Mothers’ Day and the flower ceremony were created as responses to tragedy.  Join us for this livestreamed service.

There will be time on Saturday and Sunday to collect flowers and … read more.


In the Museum of Fine Arts, there is a portrait by Thomas Eakins titled “The Dean’s Roll Call.” It features a dean of medical school standing in his academic robes with a worried, worn down facial expression. We have endured so much worrying and anxiety … read more.