Topic: beauty

The Beauty We Love

In seminary, as I studied systematic theology, we focused a lot on “bad” things. Hell, sin, the end times, despair. Since those days, I’ve wondered, what about the beauty? What about art? What about joy? What is religious about those things? I hope to explore … read more.

A Beautiful Bouquet!

Bring a flower to share

This service is the last in our sanctuary until the Sunday after Labor Day. As we mark this transition in space and time, we will celebrate Flower Communion. Sometimes referred to as Flower Ceremony or Flower Festival, this ritual celebrates beauty, … read more.

The Church Without Walls

The Worship and Arts Council welcomes Reverend Andrea Greenwood to the pulpit this morning. The sermon and readings this morning explore the role of nature in our worship life and in our experience of the sacred.  What does it mean to be tied to the land … read more.

Aching Beauty

So beautiful, this life. So, rich with miracle and love. So brief it seems, sometimes.  In holding these realities in our beings, we ache. That’s the theme!

This will be Rev. Hepler’s last sermon at First Parish in Framingham as our senior minister.