Topic: change

Hold On and Let Go

Congregations are places where joys and sorrows are shared, held and let go of. Joy shared is joy expanded, and sorrow shared is a burden lifted. We will experience a ritual that will allow us to let go. We will also ponder what are the things in our life that we can hold onto, with … Continue reading Hold On and Let Go

What Have I Just Done?

Following incidents of hate in Framingham, the Black Student Union of Framingham High School created and is implementing a plan to change school culture and end acts of racism, including the use of the “n” word. As the school engages in necessary anti-racism work, so this Sunday we will engage, too. Microaggressions are everyday occurrences … Continue reading What Have I Just Done?

Living Our Way Beyond…

This service will offer an opportunity to consider how we, as Unitarian Universalists, embody our principles during times of transition, letting go of barriers by opening our doors to the world.  Our lives are full of stories and these stories are the foundations of our beliefs about ourselves and others. Charles Curran calls these the … Continue reading Living Our Way Beyond…

Embracing Change

Join us for a multi-generational service all about embracing the inevitable change that life brings. Through thought provoking stories, action, and song, we will explore the seasonal, life cycle, and unexpected changes that affect us all as reflected in the changing trees around us.