Topic: community

Multi-Generational Holiday Service

This holiday service includes a pageant inspired by Patricia Polocco’s story, “The Trees of the Dancing Goat.” The service was organized by Rebecca Crawford and Reverend Aaron Stockwell and brought to life by our youth and young at heart. This story of interfaith relationships in a community challenged by illness–sound familiar? This service also includes … Continue reading Multi-Generational Holiday Service

Sustainer Sunday

Gifts that have created and sustain First Parish are paid in many currencies. Celebration and gratitude for our gifts are the heart of this service. And there will be an opportunity to make a financial gift to the church for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Keep First Parish going! Keep it growing!

Just Imagine

Inspired by stories of Disney World, those who design museums and theme parks, and lived experience of Unitarian Universalists including those of us who are part of this congregation, this sermon explores why we come to church – what draws us, what we keeps us, what is meaningful to us, with a word of encouragement … Continue reading Just Imagine

Wood Wide Web, a Multigenerational Service

Below the forest floor there’s a whole world of connection that lies beneath our feet. Join us in this multigenerational service as we explore the many ways trees network, clone, share, and communicate with each other and the implications for our own lives as we grow together in community   The Impromptu Choir rehearses at … Continue reading Wood Wide Web, a Multigenerational Service

Living Our Way Beyond…

This service will offer an opportunity to consider how we, as Unitarian Universalists, embody our principles during times of transition, letting go of barriers by opening our doors to the world.  Our lives are full of stories and these stories are the foundations of our beliefs about ourselves and others. Charles Curran calls these the … Continue reading Living Our Way Beyond…