Topic: Earth

Wood Wide Web, a Multigenerational Service

Below the forest floor there’s a whole world of connection that lies beneath our feet. Join us in this multigenerational service as we explore the many ways trees network, clone, share, and communicate with each other and the implications for our own lives as we grow together in community   The Impromptu Choir rehearses at … Continue reading Wood Wide Web, a Multigenerational Service

Out of Necessity

A multi-generational service. As another Earth Day approaches, the service calls our attention to the urgency of action for climate justice. We’ll do an improvisation on the real work of activists who opposed the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline, with opportunities for folks of all ages and abilities to help tell the story. We’ll also explore … Continue reading Out of Necessity

Radical Hope

The Worship & Arts Council welcomes the Reverend Fred Small to the pulpit this Sunday. Any contemplation of global climate change, its frightening consequences, and the tardiness and timidity of nations in response is necessarily a meditation on hope. When the earth and its people are in such distress, where do we find hope? About … Continue reading Radical Hope