Topic: history

This Amazing Thing We Do!

On this, our annual canvass Sunday, the sermon weaves together threads of history, purpose, community, and generosity with the opportunity for each and all of us to renew or make a new commitment of financial support to First Parish. Our Canvass Brunch follows the service, … read more.

Born to Organize

This Sunday we remember Bayard Rustin, telling a bit of his life’s story, about his gifts, his deep store of courage, his passion for organizing, and honoring the ways he struggled for justice with dignity.

The Lucky People

The Worship & Arts Council welcomes Reverend Phyllis O’Connell to the pulpit this morning. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we’ll consider the question of whether the future is determined by the past. How would you argue for one side or the other? And what does … read more.

Democracy Depends…

“The United States of America ….Perhaps it simply lost sight of what it once intended to be and blundered aimlessly until it exhausted itself.” These words from Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler and the work of George Lakoff on language and the power … read more.

The Church Without Walls

The Worship and Arts Council welcomes Reverend Andrea Greenwood to the pulpit this morning. The sermon and readings this morning explore the role of nature in our worship life and in our experience of the sacred.  What does it mean to be tied to the land … read more.