Topic: Wisdom

Holy Emergence

The Worship & Arts Council welcomes back Reverend Johanna Murphy to the pulpit. In her book “Emergent Strategy”, adrienne maree brown writes about a strategy of change that focuses on understanding the complex systems and patterns of our world in order to best influence and change them. brown, on observing human patterns, notes: “When we … Continue reading Holy Emergence

Leading Edges

It is a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Barb Greve, MDiv, MCRE back to First Parish!  This is congregation in which he was raised and from which he was called to UU leadership. Having been called to leadership from an early age, Mr. Barb Greve has been a leader most of his life. He will … Continue reading Leading Edges

What We Don’t Dare Say About Aging

This sermon will be based on a year-long conversation with a friend who is 93. Our goal was to be totally honest about aging from our two perspectives age-wise. What are we avoiding in preparing ourselves to become elders, or in being companions to those who are?