First Parish in Framingham aims for the highest level of conformance on with the following guidelines:

Our web team assesses the accessibility of our home page and other representative pages, with special attention to site-wide features such as navigation, headers, and footers.

Other staff and volunteers are responsible for the content of individual pages, documents, and media.

Feedback is not only welcome but encouraged! Please contact us with suggestions for improvement or to alert us to a particular problem area.

Summary of Results

  • Section 508 conformance on _____ pages.
  • WCAG AA or better conformance on ____ pages.
  • We assessed our site against a 62-point checklist covering our use of media, colors, tables, forms, motion, time, documents, scripts, navigation, and headers.
    • ___ points conform fully or are not applicable, meaning that we do already or can reasonably be expected to live up to these points, e.g. good text alternatives for images, charts, or graphs.
    • ___ points conform in part. We may not have the staff time or funding to meet all these points, e.g. edited captions for long General Assembly business session videos.
    • ___ points don’t conform. Synchronized text alternatives to video are currently beyond our budget, and controls used to show or hide page elements with styles or to control video are not hidden when styles are turned off.