First Parish celebrates holidays from diverse faith-based traditions including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and earth-based religions.

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December Holidays

Traditionally the Sunday service before Christmas involves the children in the service as we honor Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and the Solstice. The theme of the multi-generational service rotates between Christmas, Hanukah and Solstice.

Christmas Eve

Our candlelight Christmas Eve services are held on the evening of December 24 at 4:30 and 7:00. There is a message from the minister and we sing carols. In addition, a special tradition is a candle lighting ceremony for each child who was born or adopted during the past year. In December, we ask members and friends to send the child’s name, birthdate and family information. We also welcome people to announce names during the ceremony. Music at the earlier service includes the Bell Choir and the Chalice Choir (our multigenerational choir). Music at the 7 pm service includes the First Parish Choir and guest musicians.


We celebrate the promise of renewal from diverse perspectives on Easter Sunday. Historically, Unitarians did not believe that Jesus was the son of god, however Jesus is honored as an important prophet.  Yet our faith has grown to include people with many religious beliefs, including those who do believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

Spring Multigenerational Service

We hold a multi-generational service in the spring, sometimes in honor of Earth Day, more recently in honor of parents. The Religious Exploration Council  leads this effort, and the service is designed for all ages.