Sabbath as Resistance

How do we seek to change the world? One way is downshift using contemplative practices. In this multigenerational service, join Rev. Aaron and Rebecca as they explore several spiritual practices which can serve not only as rituals that ground us, but also a form of resistance.

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National UU the Vote Worship Service

In these midst of global pandemic, rising authoritarianism, and uprising, lives hang in the balance and the future of democracy is on the line. In response, Unitarian Universalists are answering the call of our faith, building powerful partnerships to mobilize our communities to #VoteLove and … read more.

Don’t do anything, just sit there

Whether we need to rest or to be re-energized, spiritual or contemplative practices can help. The theme for the month of October is contemplative practices. In this sermon, Rev. Aaron will introduce some of his favorites and the ones that he finds most meaningful.

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