On this day, following on the Jewish Holy Days of Yom Kippur, the sermon explores the possibility of atonement, the human inclination to fix to make right, to repair…whether it be old cars, broken vases, some harm done, or relationships that have become frayed.

Save the … read more.

Raise a Noise

The celebration of the Jewish Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah includes blowing the shofar, honoring the instruction to “raise a noise” on Yom Teruah. Taking encouragement from this tradition, the sermon explores why and how we must “raise a noise” for our values, for justice; … read more.

In Gratitude

Welcome!  Welcome back to First Parish in this first Sunday of the new church year! This service will include a water ceremony–water unites us and water is sacred–please bring a small container of water with you to the service. The sermon draws inspiration from the … read more.