Changing and Changed

Sorrowful loss, deep need and a glimmer of desire to become a Tango dancer called me to the dance floor 14 years ago. It has been an amazing journey into history, identity, risk; journey of how a vision that requires change demands perseverance. The sermon … read more.

Under Our Charge

On this sunday before Indigenous Peoples day, the sermon explores the connections between the Northern Ute and the American Unitarian Association, and the Association’s part in the removal of the Northern Ute from their homeland. What happened? Why does this history matter now? What can/must … read more.

The Church Without Walls

The Worship and Arts Council welcomes Reverend Andrea Greenwood to the pulpit this morning. The sermon and readings this morning explore the role of nature in our worship life and in our experience of the sacred.  What does it mean to be tied to the land … read more.

A Different Kind of Time

Of the many things I learned from my Dad, one thing I never wished to know was what a parent’s dementia can teach. This sermon explores relationship and communication and change and loss in caring for someone you love when dementia – failure of the … read more.

Those Gone Before

This is the time of All Souls Day, of El Dia de Los Muertos, of Halloween, of Samhein. In these days we remember and honor the ancestors. This Sunday is such a time. Please bring small mementos of those you wish to honor. There will be … read more.